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October Update

September Update

Review of 911 Calls and Recommendations

6 Month Update

Housing Stability Notification Act

Summary: The Housing Stability Notification Act is an Ordinance Requiring Notice to Tenants and Former Homeowners of Rights and Resources.


Purpose: The housing crisis is getting worse. The purpose of this Ordinance is to promote the housing stability of Everett residents. We want Everett tenants to know their rights, and to be protected. 

Enforcement: First Offense: Warning / - Second Offense and Subsequent Offenses: $300


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Transparency in Claims and Litigation

Summary: The City Solicitor’s Office shall post on the City of Everett’s website semi-annual reports regarding all lawsuits of all departments within the City of Everett and lawsuits that the City of Everett files against parties. Also, the City of Everett shall send to all Everett City Councilors via email semi-annual reports regarding all insurance claims of all departments within the City of Everett.


Purpose: To provide transparency on lawsuits and claims.

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