Criminal Justice

Gerly will work in Everett and with members of the community to address the drug and crime issues that have plagued the District for the past few years and threaten the safety and quality of life of its residents. It is my goal to ensure that there are enough highly trained law enforcement personnel that are in touch with the needs of the District neighborhoods. Working together helps the whole community. Despite attempts at reform, the criminal justice system still perpetuates systemic racism, sexism, and generational poverty.

I will fight to:

  1. Improve in-prison and post-release support, including appropriate health care, for drug and alcohol addiction.

  2. Increase GED passage rate and provide funding for classes and fees.

  3. Improve mental health care upon release.

  4. Invest in job training and interview skill programs for former offenders.

  5. Establish faith-based programs, which can reduce recidivism.

  6. Getting rid of excessive fees.

  7. Support mandatory training concerning unconscious bias and mental health first aid training for police officers, and other public servants.

  8. Support transformative justice legislation and incarceration reform by addressing racial and income inequalities.

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