Economic Growth

Gerly believes that confronting systemic poverty and raising wages for working people is the most important moral and economic issue of our time. A quality work environment can decrease crime and violence, as well as boost tax revenue that can be reinvested into to benefit all Massachusetts residents. Gerly believes the necessary fix is the implementation of a living wage for all workers.


This campaign is devoted to promoting sustainable, inclusive neighborhood economic growth.

In her discussions with small business owners, Gerly learned that moral support from the state can be just as crucial to success as financial support.  Especially for startup companies whose employees may be sacrificing a higher salary, interaction with city leaders goes far to develop a bond between businesses and the city.  For these reasons, Gerly would devote time each week to connecting with Everett businesses.

I will support to:

  1. Strengthen Everett’s Chamber of Commerce Small Business Workshops, roundtables and collaboration.

  2. Raising the minimum wage to $15 and build in cost of living increases.

  3. Secure and sustainable employment is essential for strengthening Massachusetts communities. By providing opportunity for workers and business owners alike, we can create an economy that serves the entire community.

  4. Protecting unions.

  5. Restore funding to small businesses, which provides grants to community groups to support local businesses in opening, growing or stabilizing their businesses.

  6. Partner with local businesses to implement job training programs that are effective and accessible, especially for single parents.

  7. Work to expand small business lending, funded by opposing big corporate tax breaks.

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Paid for by Committee to Elect Gerly Adrien; Treasurer David Lindsey.