Making Everett Equitable and Inclusive Plan

"It is time for equal opportunities for everyone, not the selected few. Everett cannot wait anymore. Let's make equity the forefront of all  of our work and decisions.”

Dear Everett,


My name is Gerly Adrien. I am running a people-powered campaign to become the next Mayor of Everett. Growing up in this city, I have experienced and witnessed how inequities have negatively impacted so many of our residents. But as a current City Councilor At-Large, I’m also aware of the potential this city has to create opportunities for all of us - but only under brave leadership. This is why I am introducing my initial “Making Everett Equitable and Inclusive” plan this week. Furthermore, I welcome all feedback and suggestions. Please feel free to complete the survey:


For too long, Everett’s current leadership has made residents feel as if they do not belong and as if they cannot succeed here. Changing this will take bold leadership who is willing to listen to and partner with community leaders and residents who have been fighting for change for decades.   


Under my leadership, I will ensure that Everett City Hall is a place where everyone feels welcome. I have heard from hundreds of residents on how they feel as if City Hall is not for them, but only for a select few. We need to fix how we do business, how we help our residents and create pathways for everyone to prosper. Furthermore, we need to invest in our people.


We need a Mayor who will not do backroom deals. Likewise, we need someone to fight for everyone.


I am not a candidate who is funded by developers or deep-pocket donors. As a City Councilor, I made a pledge to put the people first, and as a candidate for mayor, I am doubling down on this effort.  


Together, we can move Everett forward by being more transparent as to where we are investing city funds, and ensuring that our businesses, families, and services needed for our residents are being prioritized in our spending.  


We cannot afford another four years of lack of investment. Everett needs change. Join me in this fight to win for our future.


Please feel free to contact me at, call/text 617-835-8267, or complete the survey:


I want to listen to you.


Thank You,

Gerly Adrien

Engaging Community Input from Day One

  • Throughout this campaign, I am partnering with residents and community leaders to ensure that your needs are at the forefront of our vision to make Everett more equitable and inclusive.

  • I want to hear from you. Our campaign will host a series of Community Forums in multiple languages to gain insight and thoughts from our residents and business owners to be a part of a collaborative process to plan for our city's future.

  • As we collectively create this plan, our campaign will also host quarterly check-ins with residents and stakeholders to provide updates and receive feedback in an open, transparent manner.

Making City Hall An Open and Welcoming Hub for Residents Looking for City Support, including providing services like: 

  • Workforce Development: expand job training and education programs that connect residents to real jobs

  • Enforce Wage Equality at City Hall: regular release of city hall salary information.

  • Hire A Director of Neighborhood Services: This office will directly work in our neighborhoods to support residents and to assist with neighborhood planning for equitable growth for everyone.

  • Support Community Organizations: Partner with all community organizations and welcome them to be a part of the government so they can get access to the necessary resources to increase their capacity be. 

  • Enhance 311: 311 should not only be a call center, it should be a place that works with technology to provide the most up-to-date information and solutions available in multiple languages to increase accessibility to all Everett residents. 

Fight for Equity for Everyone

  • Develop and use a Racial Equity Plan to support policy, process, and program development throughout city departments.

  • Create a plan to close the racial gap.

  • Prioritize equity as both an outcome and a process.

  • Use data to help drive decision-making.

Utilize The Equity Indicators Report to inform our work every day.

  • Measure and develop baselines, set goals, and progress towards goals.

  • Use of data for accountability.

  • Developing and implementing institutional change strategies.

Require Equitable City Contracts

  • Invest in businesses owned by people of color, women, and Everett residents.

  • Promote and invest in businesses who have a preference for hiring local Everett residents.

  • Create a system of transparency around city contracts.

  • Connecting business-owners with capital, technical assistance, professional support, and the resources for success.

Hold Developers Accountable To Contribute Fairly To Us

  • Ensure strong and meaningful Community Benefit Agreements.

  • Implement and fund the city’s affordable housing trust fund to truly create more affordable housing options.

  • Ensure developers pay their fair share of taxes and meet the minimum requirements of building affordable housing.

Providing Quality Food Access

  • Grow the Everett Farmers Market, Fresh Truck, Community Fridge, and Healthy Food Campaign with all grocery and food stores.

  • Reduce food deserts and improve access to healthy food.

  • Partner with small businesses to provide more options to Everett residents in need. 

Welcoming Immigrants

  • Commitment to inclusion and diversity and a welcoming community for immigrants.

  • Develop a government office to help develop all communities in Everett.

Supporting Our Veterans

  • Help Our Veterans Accessing Veteran Programs and Benefits.

Ensuring LGBTQIA+ Feel Part of the Community

  • Partner with organizations and fund initiatives / resources.

  • Pass Municipal Policies that Protect Everett Residents from damaging State Policies that threaten LGBTQIA + rights.

Expand Public Transit to improve the quality of life for Everett residents.

  • Partner with the MBTA to ensure Everett is part of the solution to create better and more accessible public transit.

  • Enhance Bus Stations with Solar Power Chargers.