Constantly rising real estate prices in our district and across the Commonwealth are a key driver of growing wealth inequality. Our current housing policy enables and encourages these rising prices, makes rents out of reach for the average resident, and shuts out an ever-growing portion of residents from the home ownership, a key source of wealth creation. These effects most dramatically hurt people of color, young professionals, and lower-to-middle-income families, and exacerbate economic injustice in the system.


We must maintain and expand affordable housing options for low- and very low-income residents in our district, and recognize that “affordable housing” as defined by the State is now too expensive, even for many middle-income families.

I will:

  1. Work to increase public housing funding, as well as investment in CDCs and nonprofits that build affordable housing.

  2. Create pathways to homeownership and creating paths towards cooperative ownership.

  3. Work to ensure that new developments and public housing renovations do not displace low-income residents.

  4. Work with advocates who are fighting to prevent and end individual / family homelessness.

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