Gerly Adrien

Haitian-American. Black. Christian. Woman. Wife. Small Business Owner. Entrepreneur. MBA. Loves To Eat Ice Cream. 


Gerly Adrien is the first Black, Haitian-American female City Councilor At-Large for the City of Everett. She won on Tuesday, November 5, 2019 with landing in the number #1 spot, beating out two incumbents. 

Gerly is compassionate about people and passionate about service. Gerly knows that fighting for fairness means ensuring individuals and families have access to the resources they need to have a better life. She wants to continue the fight to improve education, economic development and quality of life for the people of Everett.

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After graduating from Saint Clement High School, Gerly attended one of the nation's leading business schools, Bentley University, where she won the Hartnett Family Business Plan Award and was named a National Association of Black Accountants (NABA) Distinguished Collegian Scholar. A proud member of Delta Sigma Pi Business Fraternity, Gerly, also served as the president of the NABA chapter at Bentley, which received the NABA National Student Chapter Reporting Award during her tenure. 

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While working towards her Bachelor of Science Degree in Management, Gerly continued her volunteer service as an English teacher for a local enrichment program and as a kindergarten teacher’s aide at a public school in Waltham, and in Ghana where she taught English to orphans

Gerly has 8 years of experience in finance, non-profit and healthcare. She is currently a Finance Manager for a healthcare institute. With her experience as a landlord, she loves making sure her tenants feel at home. Gerly has recently received her MBA from Boston University, focusing on Finance and Health Sector Management. Previously, she worked at JPMorgan Chase, United South End Settlements, and at the U.S. Department of Defense for the Inspector General of the Navy. 

Whatever she does, Gerly loves giving back. Every year, Gerly dedicates her birthday to her community. In various years she has: raised over $2,400 for the Brooklyn Steppers, an organization that supports arts performance education that she serves as a board member; given away backpacks and supplies to more than 100+ needy youth; and hosted a holiday appreciation dinner for 40 seniors in Everett. 

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Gerly is also a small business owner of Tipping Cow Ice Cream Shop, which provides nut-free and dairy-free options,, with her husband, David Lindsey. Tipping Cow Ice Cream is located in Somerville, MA, near the neighborhood Gerly was born in. Tipping Cow has recently been awarded Boston Magazine's Best of Boston 2020 for Best Ice Cream. 

In her free time, Gerly enjoys baking, traveling, and watching movies.

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Gerly was born in the Somerville Powderhouse Boulevard apartments. Both her parents were born in Haiti. Gerly is very proud to be Haitian-American. As the oldest with her siblings, Gerly’s parents instilled in her and her two brothers the importance of serving others, and she has carried that value with her wherever she has gone in life. 


As a teen, Gerly was a youth organizer at Teen Empowerment, where she helped create positive, impactful events for the youth of Somerville, and worked as a summer intern at the Somerville Community Corporation, where she learned first-hand the importance of affordable housing.