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New Everett councilor’s cold welcome continues

Newton councilors defend Gerly Adrien’s stance on meeting virtually

We were disheartened to read the Nov. 1 article in which some Everett city councilors called on their colleague to resign because, out of concern over exposing an at-risk family member to COVID-19, she would not meet in person (“Councilor in Everett pressured by peers: Lone Black woman on panel faces ire,” Metro). Councilor Gerly Adrien should not have to choose between keeping her family safe and serving in her duly elected capacity, and neither should any other elected official. What’s more, this treatment of a newer colleague should not be acceptable, especially given that she is a Black woman in a state with so few elected Black officials, and after a summer of calls for ending systemic racism.

Technology makes remote participation possible fairly easily and usually seamlessly. The Newton City Council has been meeting exclusively via Zoom since mid-March. Meetings have gone well and enabled much higher participation from residents than when we were meeting in person.

Read more here: https://www.bostonglobe.com/2020/11/07/opinion/new-everett-councilors-cold-welcome-continues/

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