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Author: Laura Plummer

Thirty-year-old Gerly Adrien clinched one of the five Councilor At-Large seats in last Tuesday’s election. In an unexpected twist, she took home more votes than the other four winners, incumbent Councilors John Hanlon, Michael Marchese, Wayne Matewsky and Peter Napolitano. Her win also knocked out incumbent Council President Richard Dell Isola, Jr. and Councilor Stephen Simonelli.

Adrien told the Independent she was both thankful for, and surprised by, the win – adding that topping the field was a sign of changing times in Everett.

“[The people] want someone different,” she said. “Most of the [councilors] have been there for five terms.”

Adrien credited a robust campaign strategy and dedicated community outreach for her unlikely ticket-topping victory.

“Knocking on doors was crucially important to me,” she said. “I kept showing up two or three times and telling [people] that I wanted to do this.

“These were not five-minute conversations,” she continued. “I constantly would have 30- to 40-minute conversations with them. They would tell me how long they’d lived in Everett and what they wanted to change.”

Adrien said that a common desire among the residents she spoke to was having a councilor who would listen to them. Specifically, she said residents were unsatisfied with the structure and organization of City Hall services, and felt that the City was entering into too many deals without their input.

On Election Day, when rain threatened her door-to-door recruitment efforts, Adrien and her supporters took to their phones to encourage residents to get out and vote.

Adrien was first inspired to run for elected office when she was 10 years old.

“I used to read the newspapers every week,” she said. “I’d always read about elected officials like Dave Ragucci, John Hanlon and Carlo DeMaria. One day I decided I would be one of them.”

Adrien previously ran for state representative in both 2016 and 2018, the latter of which she lost by only a handful of votes.

Adrien revealed that Councilor Michael Marchese was a motivating force behind her decision to run for City Council, which came as quite a surprise due to the fact that they ran against one another in the at-large race.

“He started messaging me in January and he messaged me all the way until June,” she said.

Adrien reported that she was also in frequent communication with Ward 6 Councilor Michael McLaughlin.

In the coming months, Adrien plans to shadow Councilor Marchese and Councilor Fred Capone to familiarize herself with the duties, responsibilities and meeting structure of City Council. She is also eager to hit the streets and begin knocking on doors again.

“I am going to be on the ground two or three times a week, speaking to the people and seeing what they want,” she said.

As a City Councilor, Adrien plans to hit the ground running. She wants to start implementing a number of goals that she hinged her campaign on. These include supporting local economic growth, updating City policies and plans, and improving public health and safety. Her vision also emphasizes youth development and the arts.

Adrien is looking forward to taking her place on what is perhaps the most diverse City Council in Everett history.

“It should be exciting and fun,” she said. “I’m really excited to be the first Haitian-American black woman on the Council.”

Candidate for state representative Gerly Adrien has proven herself to be a person committed to supporting the nation’s protective forces. As a state representative for Everett, Adrien would ensure that the local police are well funded and supported.

“It is important that the community supports its police officers as much as the police support its community,” Adrien said. “I hope to do more to improve and strengthen the relationship between our community and its police force when I reach the state representative office. They really do sacrifice a lot for us.”

With her years of work in finances and fundraising, Adrien is well qualified to garner financial support from the State House for Everett Police. She has also dedicated herself to be a leader in community engagement for the city of Everett. Adrien plans to hold regular community events once she gets into office, with the purpose of connecting Everett residents with those who serve the city. She has promised to host monthly meet-and-greets and quarterly State House town halls.

As she has emphasized repeatedly on the campaign trail this summer, Adrien’s focus is to provide better representation for the people of Everett by giving them a voice in the state house and offering them better resources at home – including a strong, trustworthy police force.

Adrien’s past experience working with the Inspector General for the U.S. Navy has prepared her to be a leader liaison between the community and its protective forces. As an employee of the Navy, Adrien was integral in creating policy that ensured people would be paid fairly and equally for comparable work. Not only did she fulfill her work duties, Adrien made the effort to live with members of the Navy and develop an understanding for the military lifestyle.

“During my experience with the U.S. Navy, I learned the importance of this institution in our country,” Adrien said. “I have seen firsthand how critical it is that cities and towns across the United States trust and support the women and men who fight for us.”

The election will be held on Thursday, September 8. You can learn more about Gerly Adrien and how she is breaking barriers and building a better future for everyone at www.gerlyadrien.com

For more information or to get involved with the campaign, please contact candidate Gerly Adrien at 617-835-8267 or her campaign manager David Lindsey at 202-213-0887.


As the Finance and Contracts Manager of a $4 million nonprofit organization and with a background in Risk Management and Auditing, Gerly Adrien is prepared to bring her knowledge and experience with finance and business management to represent Everett in the Massachusetts State House. Her love for business and helping government started as an intern for the Department of Navy headquarters, where she was able to resolve issues and implement policies to help enhance the Office of the Inspector General. Candidate for State Representative Adrien plans to advocate for more state funding to help residents and various public services in Everett. As soon as she settles into her new office in the State House, Adrien will begin negotiating for next year’s budget, setting a priority for the needs of Everett residents. “We need more resources for our children, families, veterans and seniors,” Adrien said. “These people comprise the core of Everett and they need someone advocating for them in the State House. I am running for State Representative to give a voice to these residents – the individuals who give character to the city. With years of fiscal experience under my belt, I will fight to bring them the money and resources that they deserve.”

Adrien currently manages the day-to-day finances and operations for United South End Settlements, a $4 million nonprofit organization in Boston that strives to improve the education, health, safety and economic security of communities around the Commonwealth for children, individuals, families and seniors. In this position Adrien deals directly with the state budget and determines how to allot state funds so that the organization is able to run smoothly and serve the community effectively. Not only is she comfortable managing city, state and federal funding, Adrien is experienced in risk management and auditing. She oversaw the budget and supervised day-to-day operations as the Campaign Manager for Philadelphia City Councillor-at-Large Isaiah Thomas, in which she raised $275,000. She also served for three years as a Risk Management and Business Analyst for JP Morgan Chase in New York and Boston. As an employee for one of the country’s foremost investment banks, Adrien became closely familiar with the inner workings of large and successful financial institutions. With a degree in Business Management with a concentration of Accounting from Bentley University, Adrien is well equipped to manage Everett taxpayers’ hard-earned money at the state level.

The primary election for Everett’s State Representative will be held on Thursday, September 8. You can learn more about Gerly Adrien and how she is breaking barriers and building a better future for everyone at www.gerlyadrien.com. For more information or to get involved with the campaign, please contact candidate Gerly Adrien at 617-835- 8267 or her campaign manager, David Lindsey, at 202-213-0887.

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