Public Safety

Our residents and police must have mutual trust to work together to keep communities safe. All Massachusetts residents, regardless of birthplace or document status, need to know they can rely on police to protect them. Police gain credibility and effectiveness in the community when they partner with people living peaceful and productive lives in the Commonwealth.

I will:

  1. Support community policing initiatives led by officers from the communities they serve.

  2. Support increased resources for officer training on unconscious bias.

  3. Support the decriminalization of mental illness.

  4. Fight against gun violence.

Gerly Adrien is the first Black, Haitian-American female City Councilor At-Large for the City of Everett. She won on Tuesday, November 5, 2019, with landing in the number #1 spot, beating out two incumbents.

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15 Cumberland St Everett,

MA 02149
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