Supporting Our Seniors

Dear Everett,


My name is Gerly Adrien. I am running a people-powered campaign to become your next Mayor. As a long-time Everett resident and current City Councilor At-Large, I want to introduce to you my plan to Support Our Seniors.


Last week, I hosted three Senior Meet & Greets in Everett to listen to what is most needed from Seniors. I also reached out to people who I knew and gained insight from listening on the doors. After listening to Everett residents and hearing what they need the most, I am introducing my initial Supporting Our Seniors plan to provide a better quality of life.


We need to invest in our seniors. Programs such as hand-delivered nutrition services, like Meals on Wheels, supportive services, transportation services, activities to promote social activities and wellness, employment and community service, elder rights protection, long term care and family caregiver support, are crucially important.


At a time where more older adults than ever need assistance and support to make ends meet, we need to be leading in services and programs to ensure there is continued support. It is critical to empower seniors to remain healthy and financially secure in their own homes. 


Seniors often face difficult financial decisions after they reach the age of retirement. From working to protect social security benefits to fighting for quality health care, prescription drug coverage and housing for the elderly, I am committed to making sure that seniors have the financial and medical resources to enjoy their golden years.


​The demand is high and the need is great. Join me in this fight to win for our future. As Mayor, I am committed to supporting our Seniors even stronger than before. Let us do this together. Let us work to provide real solutions and equal opportunities for everyone, not the selected few.


I welcome all feedback and suggestions. Please feel free to contact me at, or call/text 617-835-8267. I want to listen to you. I know we can do this together.


Thank You,

Gerly Adrien

Helping seniors to feel secure and safe in staying in their homes

  • Many Seniors in our city have been experiencing housing insecurity. Promoting housing stability is crucial. Housing is a human right. 

  • Create the Homeowners and Tenants Protections Office at City Hall.

  • Provide financial relief to small landlords to support rent forgiveness for tenants in crisis and after eviction moratoriums are lifted.

  • Invest a line item in the budget to assist homeowners who have fallen behind on their property taxes due to an unexpected hardship (job loss, medical bills, etc.); Allow for longer grace periods for past-due taxes.

  • Partner with the Everett Housing Authority and allow for greater City/resident control of the Everett Housing Authority.

  • Invest in a home repair program where the city can provide aid to homeowners in need of home improvements. 

  • Give residents control to be part of the neighborhood planning efforts on what is being developed or built in their neighborhood. 

  • Annual Town Halls for residents to engage with city officials, stakeholders, and developers directly 

  • Empower residents by forming neighborhood committees that have the power to approve or deny planning and zoning.

  • A housing case manager and advocate to explain tenant and landlord rights.

  • Working to make Everett senior housing a priority.

  • Decrease property taxes for Seniors.

  • Provide accessibility in their homes. 

  • An example would be a ramp or a grab-bar, and to allow low-income people with disabilities to apply to have architectural barriers in their homes removed.

Provide programs and resources

  • Strengthen vital programs like free transportation shuttles to ensure people with mobility issues have the resources they need to stay healthy and active

  • Offer more health services, social services, and wellness activities both virtual and in person

  • Expand outreach to seniors, offer transportation so seniors can access services, and expand the home-delivered meal program for home-bound seniors

  • Bringing together young people and older adults in more city programs

  • Offer more TV programming on public access channels

  • Provide interpreters for non-English speaking residents

  • Assist with Social Security claim reviews and appeals


Ensure healthcare is at its best

  • Provide fall prevention classes and resources

  • Expand Chronic Disease Self-Management Education

  • Hire a nurse at community center to help with medical needs

  • Increase communication options for deaf and hard-of-hearing people

  • Bringing mental health clinicians into several senior centers, housing, and other locations to have open conversations, mental health education, screen participants for depression, provide on-site counseling, and make referrals


Physical & Technological Accessibility and More

  • Make transportation more accessible and install more benches at bus stops

  • Ensure that all curbs are accessible to wheelchairs and scooters

  • Expand access to technology and the internet

  • Provide workshops and classes to help with the internet, emails, texts messages and more

  • Offer employment programs for older adult workers

  • Expand senior discounts