The Purpose Is To Change The Everyday Lived Experiences Of People In Everett.

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Fully Recover from the Covid-19 Pandemic

To fully recover from COVID-19, we need to ensure we prioritize testing so that our children can safely return to school and weekly check-ins to protect our seniors and most vulnerable residents. 


Create Equal Opportunities for Everyone

In Everett, we must commit to shared principles of inclusion, diversity, and building a city that is welcoming to all residents, which includes new residents as well as people who have been here for generations. 


Build Public Trust

Work on structural changes and operational improvements by utilizing data and feedback to evaluate policies and release more data to the public.


Fully Invest In Education and Youth Development

We need to invest in our youth so they can achieve their full potential.  We need a Children, and Youth fund focused on year-round jobs and summer and afterschool programs.      

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Community-Driven Public Safety

We need to ensure that our residents are at the center of our public safety and develop a community-first approach that prioritizes mental health and community resources. 


More Affordable Housing

We need to promote Housing Stability to ensure that Everett is affordable for families to encourage homeownership and address homelessness and housing insecurity.       


Support for Small Businesses

Establish a loan fund / grants for businesses and implement small, local business procurement preference.