Everett deserves more. I want to improve the quality of life for all our residents.

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We need a new mayor who has a bold vision for Everett. I am stepping up to the challenge because…
  • Everett Public Schools are ranked 276 out of 330 MA public schools.
  • Everett's unemployment rate is 6.7%. The state average is 4.9%.
  • Homelessness and housing insecurity is on the rise.
  • Small businesses keep closing. 
  • Seniors need more assistance and support to make ends meet.
  • Climate change is threatening our coastal city and we are not doing enough to protect residents.


I will create several new departments including an Innovation Task Force to work on structural changes and improving government, and our first Job Training Center. City Hall, paperwork, resources, and the city website will be updated for usability, language access, and physical accessibility. I will create a participatory budget of up to $500,000 of city funds to be spent on a project chosen by residents. 
I will hold developers accountable by facilitating strong and meaningful
Community Benefit Agreements to ensure the buildings meet the
housing, pricing, and parking needs of the neighborhood. I will work with
homelessness advocacy groups and organizations to provide housing
equipped with wrap-around mental and social services to end the cycle
of homelessness.
The state average for per-student funding is $16,583. Everett is well below that range at $14,682. I will expand and fully fund our schools and youth programs including summer and after-school care. Every newborn's family will get a Baby Kit containing school contacts, City Hall contacts, a College Savings Program pamphlet, daycare options, postnatal information, and a box of diapers.
I will hire mental health clinicians to provide mental health education, screen participants for depression and other common issues, and provide on-site counseling or referrals at senior centers and housing. I will invest in a home repair program to aid homeowners in need of improvements. I will strengthen programs like free shuttles to ensure those with mobility issues can stay healthy, active, and engaged.
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As a small business owner myself, I know how important it is for your city government to have your back during tough times. I will establish a grant and loan fund for small business owners and advance a 25% hiring benchmark for residents in city contracts. I will ease the process for starting a new business by making the permitting and licensing process easier.
As a coastal city, we must protect our residents from the impacts of climate change and be a part of the solution. I will support the transition to renewable energy and implement job training programs to train workers to build and manage related infrastructure. I will invest in expanding bike lanes, pedestrian paths, and public transportation including the Silver Line extension